Album Cover
Released: Mar 29, 2011
Label: The Execution Kollective
Track Listing
1 Nocturnal Blasphemy
2 Kiss of Midnight
3 Iron Clad Destruction
4 Essence of Evil
5 Necrohatred (A Tribute to Darkthrone)
6 Subterranean Assault Beast
7 The Paean of Hangatyr
8 Mr Crowley


Antinomian reviewed by
I don’t know a whole lot about Western Australia, but it seems like one of the most unlikely places for black metal to procreate imaginable. Google up some images of the area, and you’ll probably see a lot of sand, wild grasses, rocky outcroppings, sparse, brambly vegetation, kangaroos, and so forth. That seems to be quite a contrast from the usual imagery associated with black metal: dark forests, ravens, misty vales, snowy mountains, swords, armor, corpse paint, and other such objects of grimness and mystique. [Read More...]
Antinomian reviewed by Slug Magazine
Slug Magazine
Australia’s Mhorgl have much to offer and much more to prove with their second offering to the black metal gods. For one, they offer a giant fist up the ass of all the black metal cynics that say the genre is dead and no band can possibly offer anything new. Antinomian is as fervently raw as it is morbidly melodic. [Read More...]
Antinomian reviewed by Forbidden Magazine
Forbidden Magazine
Alright, I’m not gonna lie. Yes, it’s time to cut the proverbial crap. It is quite honestly a very rare occurrence, when the continent of Australia is brought up in any conversation, that I think of much more of anything other than the following things: kangaroos, koalas, dingos, aligators and/or crocodiles, AC/DC, Mad Max, Crocodile Dundee and, of course the lovable (yet venomous) platypus. Hardly ever, when thinking or talking about The Great Downundah, does the concept of relentlessly harsh black metal come to mind. [Read More...]
Mhorgl to appear on 'Uproar of Xenophobia' compilation
Xenophobic Records
'Nocturnal Blasphemy', the opening track from Mhorgl's album 'Antinomian' will feature on a soon to be released compilation from Xenophobic Records entitled 'Uproar of Xenophobia'. The compilation will showcase 30 bands from both Australia and Indonesia. [Read More...]
Antinomian reviewed by Blabbermouth
On the whole, "Antinomian" succeeds more as an off-the-beaten-path black metal experience than as a trailblazing one. It is not however anything close to a run-of-the-mill BM album. I've a feeling that it will sound even better as time passes; it's happening already. [Read More...]
Antinomian reviewed by Scratch the Surface Webzine
Scratch the Surface Webzine
If you like your black metal played at a violently fast pace and without compromise from start to finish, then look no further ‘cause Mhorgl’s second album “Antinomian” may be just what you’re looking for. [Read More...]
Antinomian reviewed by Mind Over Metal
Mhorgl is new to me, so I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to listen to Antinomian. Right off that bat, you understand their sound. It’s energetic, inventive and fun black metal. There are passages that are very melodic, and every song is rife with crisp tremolo-picked guitar riffs. The opening track, “Nocturnal Blasphemy”, is a grand example of all this. It has many different parts and has some interesting riff progressions. It certainly doesn’t bore. [Read More...]
Antinomain reviewed by Chronicles of Chaos
Chronicles of Chaos
Much has been made lately about black metal's various mut(il)ations. Set a BM-infected iPod to shuffle and you might get an earful of Deathspell Omega, Wolves in the Throne Room, Absentia Lunae, and Xasthur -- all spawned by the northern darkness, none sharing much beyond a few basic sonic similarities. One band's call to worship is another band's call to a humane farming commune. When brutal speed can blur so easily into hypnotic throb, the tremolo-blast attack seems to be a perfect launching point for all manner of compositionally rich musical adventures. Mhorgl are having none of it. These Aussies will not mope nor plant trees nor call forth a mystical twelfth-dimensional vortex with their instruments. Instead, like the old masters Venom and Darkthrone before them, Mhorgl seek to rock you most hatefully. [Read More...]
Antinomian reviewed by Infernal Masquerade Webzine
Infernal Masquerade Webzine
Featuring a very well produced mixture of Raw and Melodic Black Metal, today we have Mhorgl and their second album “Antinomian”. In this release the band takes full advantage of a crystal clear production and defiles it their sick and twisted mixture of melodic and old-school Black Metal in a very effective way. [Read More...]
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