Album Cover
The Sacrificial Flame
Released: Jun 1, 2007
Label: Aussie Bastard
Track Listing
1 The Forlorn Hope
2 Countess Bathory (Queen of Vanity)
3 The Paean of Hangatyr
4 Cavalcade Beneath the Shroud of Deat
5 Procession to Tophet
6 Behold the Horrid King
7 Exalting the Fire God
8 Pass Through Flame
9 Weeping Divinity
10 Towards Black Gehenna


Mhorgl track featured on The Euphony Fusion 4 compilation
Welkin Entertainment
Mhorgl's track 'Iron Clad Destruction' taken from the album 'Antinomian' is featured on the fourth installment of Welkin Records, 'The Euphony Fusion' Australian metal compilation along with songs from Universum, Eye of the Enemy, Dawn of Retribution and many more. [Read More...]
Interview with Procession of Black Doom Fanzine
Procession Of Black Doom
An interview with Sam and James conducted by Vrag Moj of Procession of Black Doom following the release of The Sacrificial Flame album in 2008 [Read More...]
Review of The Sacrifical Flame by Vrag Moj
Procession Of Black Doom
It is difficult to grasp all of it in one sitting, because of its vast complexity rich instrumentation and often non-standard structuring. I can hear a lot of Progressive Rock references, although how much precedent for that exists in the artists’ backgrounds is unknown to me. [Read More...]
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