Album Cover
Released: Sep 30, 2011
Label: Sovereign Records
Track Listing
1 Inheriting the Mantle of Power
2 Ophidian Legacy
3 Black Wolf Militia
4 Ravenous Wargod
5 The Seed of Rebellion
6 Fallen
7 Hostis Humani Generis
8 Impiety Storm
9 Soliloquy
10 Terror Manifesto
11 The Hubris Of The Departed
12 Purity


Heresiarch reviewed by Reflections of Darkness Webzine
Reflection of Darkness
MHORGL show that even in the year of 2011, Old School influences can be put into something rather new and exciting, so this album is highly recommended to every fan of brutal Metal. [Read More...]
Heresiarch reviewed by Infernal Masquerade Webzine
Infernal Masquerade Webzine
If you are looking for something fast and majestically crafted, look no further and get “Heresiarch”. This album packs a lot of punch in 45 minutes and guarantees a high return for your investment in terms of replay value. We are excited about what is in the future for such an excellent band with amazing musicianship and song writing skills, so keep an eye on Mhorgl in the future but meanwhile enjoy this great album. [Read More...]
Heresiarch reviewed by Lords of Metal Webzine
This is yet another proof that extreme metal can also be highly intelligent, and with their fantastic performance and instrumental skills the gentlemen prove that metal musicians are some of the best and most talented artists. Shortly put ‘Heresiarch’ is a delightful 45-minute piece of organized chaos that will definitely apply to the fans of extreme, peculiar – and also well-produced – black metal. Hail! [Read More...]
Heresiarch reviewed by Teufel's Tomb Webzine
Teufel's Tomb
For some time now Australia has been a breeding ground for some of the most extreme and brutal black metal around. Mhorgl is just another name in the long line of groups from this area that you should familiarize yourself with. I am a little confused though, seeing Mhorgl labeled as raw black metal on Metal Archives. When I went into this I was expecting something under-produced and musically along the lines of bands like Vargsang, Besatt, and Horna, but this a bit different as Mhorgl are musically more interesting than those bands. [Read More...]
Heresiarch reviewed by Metal As Fuck webzine
Metal As Fuck
Australia’s rising death metallers almost deliver the goods A bands third album is usually the one which dictates whether the group will increase, or sustain popularity, or show them up for the shameless hacks they could well be. The first album comes with little pressure, the notorious ‘difficult second album’ follows. Australian black/death metallers Mhorgl navigated the first two with relative ease, and now Heresiarch confirms that these guys are the real evil deal. [Read More...]
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