Mhorgl track featured on The Euphony Fusion 4 compilation
Mhorgl's track 'Iron Clad Destruction' taken from the album 'Antinomian' is featured on the fourth installment of Welkin Records, 'The Euphony Fusion' Australian metal compilation along with songs from Universum, Eye of the Enemy, Dawn of Retribution and many more. [Read More...]
Interview with Forbidden Magazine
Australian black metal outfit, Mhorgl shows no fear of stepping outside the proverbial box of the genre’s tradition while still very effectively paying tribute to their inspirational roots. With a rabid sound simultaneously fusing misanthropy and seething rage, the band’s latest effort has just put them on the worldwide map of the more extreme side of music. When Forbidden Magazine recently caught up with Mhorgl’s James Campbell, the bassist unleashed a virtual flood of information in regards to the band’s evolution and their unholy conjurations from Down Under! [Read More...]
Mhorgl to appear on 'Uproar of Xenophobia' compilation
'Nocturnal Blasphemy', the opening track from Mhorgl's album 'Antinomian' will feature on a soon to be released compilation from Xenophobic Records entitled 'Uproar of Xenophobia'. The compilation will showcase 30 bands from both Australia and Indonesia. [Read More...]
Interview with Procession of Black Doom Fanzine
An interview with Sam and James conducted by Vrag Moj of Procession of Black Doom following the release of The Sacrificial Flame album in 2008 [Read More...]
The Execution Kollective: Mhorgl & Ruled by Reason
The Execution Kollective: I automatically think of Sadistik Exekution when I read that name, and by association, grimy satanic metal in general. Yet one of this young label’s two new releases is epic metalcore, with clean breakdowns and clean-cut Ohioan band members in regular dude costume. The other release is, in fact, chaotic Australian black/death, played by mean lookin’ hessians with Venom shirts and interesting belts. [Read More...]
5 Questions With Mhorgl
5 Questions With... is your chance to get to know a new or up-and-coming metal band. Mhorgl is a black metal group from Australia, who just released their sophomore CD Antinomian. Guitarist/bassist James Campbell introduces us to his band. [Read More...]
Mhorgl: The Essence of Evil
Perth band Mhorgl recently visited the east coast to unleash their hellish, old school black metal on appreciative audiences. With their second album Antinomian about to receive European release, Loud got in touch with drummer Louis Rando via email for a chat about their blasphemous, Christ-baiting art. [Read More...]
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