Antinomian reviewed by Scratch the Surface Webzine
If you like your black metal played at a violently fast pace and without compromise from start to finish, then look no further ‘cause Mhorgl’s second album “Antinomian” may be just what you’re looking for.

Having formed in 2004, this Australian four-piece understands a thing or two about how to rip a demonical black-metal style and still make it sound fairly varied and interesting without compromising the most fundamental traits of the style with needless forays into outside nuances. Mhorgl sticks to a no-frills and feral approach that revolves around frenzied blast beats, scathing riffs, piercing solos and croaked vocals, there are no acoustic flourishes or keyboard adornments to be heard here as the album is consistently violent from start to finish. Although the focus of these Australians seems more about creating raw and chaotic sonic assaults, their songs hardly fall into monotony due to some periodic shifts to a more mid-tempo pace where brief glimpses of melody are revealed. Most noteworthy of such dynamic song-writing skill are the scorching opener “Nocturnal Blasphemy” and tumultuous “Iron Clad Destruction”.

On a final analysis, “Antinomian” is a solid album that should please the fans of fierce and furious black-metal in general and Destroyer 666, Razor of Occam and Nifelheim listeners in particular. (6.8/10)
David Alexandre
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