Mhorgl to appear on 'Uproar of Xenophobia' compilation

A statement from Xenophobic Records:

Over the last 10 years, the underground metal scenes in Australia and Indonesia have been hammered hard by extreme  Metal. Digging in it’s heels, Extreme’‘Underground” Metal has thrived in both countries, and looks set to continue strengthening, gaining the respect and credibility that this oft misunderstood genre deserves. It has long been the case that unless you are signed to a major label you will simply be pushed aside, left in the gutter to remain anonymous. Not for lack of talent, Australia and Indonesia are just two of the many countries worldwide that have been over looked by the mainstream metal world. To the disadvantage of many a talented artist in both these great countries, if you do not reign from those two grand continents of Europe or North America, then you’re not worth a pinch of salt in the eyes of those who control the music industry, and to many of those who are controlled by it.

But finally, a light in the darkness for all those harboring a passion and devotion towards true Extreme Underground Metal, ‘Uproar from Xenophobia’ compilation CD exposes the untapped potential and long-hidden talents of Australia and Indonesia’s finest, most brutal Metal bands. The compilation is an amalgamation of two countries that possess the same fire and share the same vehemence attitude towards metal. Both are countries that, although have been unforgivably overlooked in the past, are now making a stand and are fighting back with extreme ferocity.

The compilation flaunts over 30 of some of the most extreme metal bands of Australia and Indonesia - some of which have never had their ear splitting, antagonistic rants heard on a large scale before. ‘Uproar from Xenophobia’ is a treasure chest of everything that embodies the spirit of extreme metal, exhibiting the influences of Trash Metal, Metal Core, Death Metal, Black Metal and Grind Core. A testament to the mastery of underground extreme Metal in Australia and Indonesia, ‘Uproar of Xenophobia’ is due for release International release June 2011 under Xenophobic Records.

**Uproar from Xenophobia’ was originally due for release in April. However, due to high demand, more bands have been included on the compilation therefor pushing back the release date.

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