Antinomian reviewed by Slug Magazine


Mhorgl = Deathspell Omega + Nightbringer + Unexpect + Liturgy


Australia’s Mhorgl have much to offer and much more to prove with their second offering to the black metal gods. For one, they offer a giant fist up the ass of all the black metal cynics that say the genre is dead and no band can possibly offer anything new. Antinomian is as fervently raw as it is morbidly melodic.

The only instrument on this album that has any redundancy is its fairly typical black metal vocal scowl, but even that often times goes above and beyond. It gives some razor burn rawness to the wounds that Antinomian has already delivered, by way of its dual guitar intricacies and manic tempos. Some could lay say this is almost math-metal like. The churning swirling drum tempos that keep pace and tune with the guitar glories and atrocities that Mhorgl offer.

The production with the album lends it’s way to highlight the guitar playing which is really the big star of the show here at times making a mockery of the standard tremolo black metal riff we’re all used to. You may have heard something like this in bits and pieces before from other artists, but you really haven’t heard anything like this album. Add a crazy as hell cover of Ozzy’s “Mr. Crowley” and you have even more reason to behold this album and all that it conquers

Bryer Wharton
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