Heresiarch reviewed by Reflections of Darkness Webzine

MHORGL is an Australian Extreme Metal band, formed 2004 in Perth. Initially, they played Raw Black Metal but recently have elaborated a broader style, including variety and influences from other genres. Their debut record, ‘Sacrificial Flame’, was released in 2007, the second ‘Antinomian’ as a self-release in 2010. With ‘Heresiarch’, MHORGL created a very unique and interesting album. The opener ‘Inheriting The Mantle of Power’ is a fast, brutal track with cold, monotonous drumming and harsh vocals. ‘Ophidian Legacy’ encompasses changes between faster and relatively slow sections, so that an epic feeling is conveyed. Influences from Thrash and Old School Death Metal are very audible, yet the band manages to create a unique sound. The following ‘Black Wolf Militia’ is very hymn-like, fast and Thrash Metal influenced; parallels to the fellow Australians DESTRÖYER 666 cannot be denied.

‘Ravenous Wargod’ continues in that manner, including several unusual turning points and guitar effects at high speed. ‘The Seed of Rebellion’ remarks an acoustic interlude, which veers towards ‘Fallen’, another powerful and characteristic track. ‘Hostis Humani Generis’, ‘Soliloquy’ and ‘The Hubris Of The Departed’ again are harmonic interludes, each followed by a bursting, brutal song. Somehow, these intermezzos and their consequences come predictable and could maybe have reduced or arranged in another way, but still this does not affect the quality of the album. MHORGL show that even in the year of 2011, Old School influences can be put into something rather new and exciting, so this album is highly recommended to every fan of brutal Metal.


Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

Ricarda Menn
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